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The files reveal MI5 helped to exploit a back door in Samsung's voice-recognition system to turn smart TVs into covert listening devices, the paper reports. Image caption The Guardian says US intelligence agencies were facing fresh embarrassment after Wikileaks published what the organisation described as the biggest leak of confidential documents from the CIA, detailing the tools it uses to break into phones, communication apps and other electronic devices. Image caption "Spy in your TV" is the headline in the Sun. "Conversations in homes were allegedly recorded and sent to the CIA, which helped develop the sinister software," it continues. Image caption The Daily Mirror describes it as a shocking display of cyber-snooping. The paper quotes an expert as saying: "This ชุดนอนน่ารัก gives easier access to private lives." Image caption Chancellor Philip Hammond delivers his Budget on Wednesday, and the Daily Telegraph says he is expected to say that tax is set to rise as the government takes "difficult decisions" ahead of Brexit. "The move is likely to anger some Conservative MPs who hoped that Mr Hammond would seek to emulate Donald Trump by slashing taxes on businesses and the middle class to help boost the economy during Brexit," states the Telegraph. Image caption The Financial Times predicts that Mr Hammond will present a bullish outlook for British growth in a Budget aimed at bolstering economic defences ahead of the imminent triggering of the Brexit process by Prime Minister Theresa May. Image caption The Daily Express urges MPs to "stand up for the people after unelected peers defied the government for a second time on key legislation to trigger Britain's EU departure".